Utopia Collection

Each piece of the set Utopia displays a construction of different reliefs inspired by Japanese geometries which adapts to the shape, highlighting each piece and giving it momentum.

The relief is inspired by ruffles applied to origami, the secular Japanese art of paper folding. A set where fluid and elegant curves delicacy and poetry prevail.

Vista Alegre: Porcelain, Crystal and Glass

Utopia - Bread & Butter Plate

Utopia - Cereal Bowl

Utopia - Charger Plate

Utopia - Coffee Cup & Saucer 10cl

Utopia - Coffee Cup 10cl

Utopia - Coffee Saucer 10cl

Utopia - Consomme Cup

Utopia - Consomme Cup & Saucer

Utopia - Dessert Plate

Utopia - Dinner Plate

Utopia - Dinner Plate 27cm

Utopia - Large Tea Pot

Utopia - Milk Jug

Utopia - Mug 42cl

Utopia - Oval Platter 35

Utopia - Pasta Plate

Utopia - Salad Bowl 22 cm

Utopia - Small Bowl

Utopia - Small Tea Pot

Utopia - Soup Plate

Utopia - ST Breakfast Cup

Utopia - ST Breakfast Cup & Saucer

Utopia - St Breakfast Saucer

Utopia - ST Coffee cup

Utopia - ST Coffee cup & saucer

Utopia - St Coffee Saucer

Utopia - St Coffee Saucer

Utopia - ST Tea cup

Utopia - ST Tea cup & saucer

Utopia - Stackable Mug

Utopia - Sugar Box

Utopia - Tea and Consommé Saucer 24cl

Utopia - Tea Cup & Saucer 24cl

Utopia - Tea Cup 24cl

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