Azure Lux Collection

Inspired by Portuguese tiles, the Azure collection features traditional designs, reinterpreted according to contemporary trends, and the deep ultramarine blue for which lapis lazuli is prized.

This intense colour, widely used in ceramics, brings out the exquisite, dainty decorative motifs featured, transporting us to an archetypally Mediterranean universe.

Vista Alegre: Porcelain, Crystal and Glass

AZURE LUX - Bread and Butter Plate

AZURE LUX - Charger Plate 32 cm

AZURE LUX - Dessert Plate 21 cm

AZURE LUX - Dinner Plate 27 cm

AZURE LUX - Large Milk Jug 90cl

AZURE LUX - Large Oval Platter 38 cm

AZURE LUX - Large Tea Pot 90cl

AZURE LUX - Medium Oval Platter 35 cm

AZURE LUX - Oval Platter 25x16 cm

AZURE LUX - Oval Platter 29x18 cm

AZURE LUX - Round Tray w/ Handles

AZURE LUX - Small Pasta Plate 24 cm

AZURE LUX - Small Salad Bowl 16 cm

AZURE LUX - Small Tea Pot 45cl

AZURE LUX - Soup Plate 23 cm

AZURE LUX - Coffee Cup & Saucer 9cl

AZURE LUX - St. Tea Cup & Saucer 23cl

AZURE LUX - Sugar Box

AZURE LUX - Tapas Bowl 10 cm

AZURE LUX - Tart Tray

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